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The Arrival

30 May

Today the newest addition to my growing garage arrived. The long trek from Newcastle ended this morning in a slightly undignified manner by being pushed by the delivery driver into the garage.

Eventually I managed to get her running and the glorious burble of the little V8 was wonderful and I took it for a quick trip to the servo to top up the tank. The trip was stately and quite a few heads were turning. I am now looking forward to tinkering and getting to know its foibles and upgraded it for distance rallying.

My four year old has named it Mr. Green, my wife thought it was very “Reservoir Dogs” and thinks the new name is appropriate due to the reputation Jag Mk2′s had with both cops and crims during the 60′s.

My new project

21 May

My new project has finally taken shape with the purchase of this beautiful 1963 Daimler 2.5L V8.

The Daimler is one of the original “badge engineered” cars with a Edward Turner designed V8 in the Jaguar Mark 2 body.

The Daimler version replaced the Jaguar Mark 2 2.4 litre aside from the engine, fluted grille and rear number plate surround, badges, drive-train and some interior details (such as a split-bench front seat and a black enamel steering wheel) the Daimler 2.5-V8 was otherwise indistinguishable from the Jaguar Mark 2.

I am hoping to turn this slightly tired, dignified damsel into a long distance rally car and when I say long distance, I mean looong, about 12,000km long!

A good friend and myself are planning on participating on the 2013 Peking to Paris to raise money and awareness for charity.

The old girl is currently on a truck from Newcastle NSW to the deep north of Darwin to begin her two year transformation into a world rally car.


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